Sarah Neufeld @ Fox Cabaret on Mar 26, 2016


The former last standing Adult Cinema of Vancouver Fox Cabaret, has been one of the city's go to for music and dancing since it opened. Located at the heart of Mt. Pleasant. Fox Cabaret has been attracting patrons from all over the city. Tonight the venue is the shelter for fans, friends and family from a rainy saturday evening.

Eartheater took the stage. Visiting from Queens, New York. Their music is very raw, dark and different. It is good. It is beautiful. It is worth the listen. For most of the set Eartheater played with a guitar and a dozen of pedals. Eventually, they ditched the guitar and their heavy jacket. With only the pedals to accompany them. Their voice were synthesized to a very low god like voice.


Eartheater started waving their hands backwards. Combining it with bending backwards while singing. Everyone in the crowd just stared. It was a performance that you won't normally see in this kind of crowd. Everyone is waiting and waiting for something to go wrong. But Eartheater was amazing at it, proven by photos on their FB page.

I personally was mesmerized by the performance and the awkward low synthesized voice. It was something different. It was definitely something not Vancouver at all. The locals are used to enjoying indie rock music. Unfortunately it was a different kind of evening. It was surprising to see how Vancouverites have reacted to it. I enjoyed it for sure.


The patrons didn't wait that long for the Sarah to take the stage. Wearing a long beautiful dress, she picked up the violin then played a song right away. Playing songs from her newly released album The Ridge. She wowed the audience with her skills and presence.    

An excerpt from her website describing The Ridge: "This new body of work sees Neufeld moving away from Hero Brother's classical minimalism and sepulchral ambience, and into the world of rhythmic pop minimalism. The Ridge employs more emphasis on vocalizations than Neufeld's previous works; the interplay between Neufeld's voice and violin has become strongly integrated and narrative. The album also features Arcade Fires Jeremy Gara on drums, adding greater layers to the compositions , crating an intense, dynamic atmosphere and a captivating listen from start to finish."


But tonight Sarah was joined by Bell Orchestre member Stefan Schneider on drums. Who played impressively along side Sarah. She also played along side Colin Stetson last fall at Biltmore Cabaret. Both times I've seen her perform. It makes me want to book a ticket in advance to see her perform next time she's in town. Her music makes me appreciate all the good things in life. It makes me want to go for a long drive and just forget all the struggles we go through.

It's only the beginning of the year and I've seen alot of good live music. I'm hoping it keeps coming!    

Sarah Neufeld is just on the first leg of her North America tour. Please check out local listings for showtimes. If you are that person who is looking for something new. This is the one. See it!


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