Basia Bulat @ Fortune Sound Club on Feb 26


It is not surprising to see Fortune Sound Club to be this crowded. Everyone is excited to come out on the warm yet rainy thursday evening.

The opening act of the evening is Malcolm Jack. A local musician, who is accompanied by pre-recorded music. The crowd is entertained but some want a more upbeat music. Malcolm who fronts Dada Plan, plays solo for the evening.


The crowd didn’t wait that long for the main performer of the evening. Basia went up the stage sporting a beautiful shiny dress. She went on to play her first song of the evening. Everyone in the crowd started to move their body. Everyone danced to the every beat of the song. Everyone in the front was definitely enjoying the performance. As they have a close view of Basia’s energetic singing.


On the other side of the club is a very different story. While everyone in the front is having a time of their life. Everyone at the back isn’t. Yes, they definitely enjoyed to hear her sing but at times it is over powered by the dish washer at the bar. Fortune Sound Club is a great venue but not for this amount of people. There wasn’t much wiggle room for everyone. Some even shouted to turn on the lights because there wasn’t much. Malcolm Jack’s performance had more light than Basia’s. She even asked the crowd if they can see her and everyone replied NO

In the end it’s all about how beautiful her voice is. Basia is on tour till April so better check out her tour dates in your area.


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